About Our Chocolates

Radiant Chocolates uses primarily South American chocolates. We believe this chocolate provides a richer flavor profile than the more traditional Belgian chocolate. Our truffles are made with organic cream and organic butter. None of our products contain high fructose corn syrup…even our sprinkles are naturally colored! Our founder and chocolatier has the philosophy that if she would not feed it to her family, she would not feed it to her customers.

Chocolate for Events

Radiant Chocolates’ truffles are perfect for event coffee breaks, wedding party favors, or for luxurious champagne toasts. The options are endless.

Chocolate for Gifts

Everyone loves chocolate. We have so many flavors you’re sure to find their favorite (or be able to introduce them to one that don’t know yet!). They’ll love it.

Chocolates for YOU

You deserve this! For everything you do…for all that you are…take a break and enjoy a Radiant Chocolate. And, maybe, share with your family.

About Our Chocolatier

Radiant Chocolates is a venture conceived by Mairin Molina, which was created with equal parts insanity, joy of cooking, a desire to create, and, of course, a LOVE of chocolate.

This electrical engineer is now also a chocolatier. Mairin has discovered that handcrafting chocolate allows the artistic, imaginative, experimental, and crazy portion of her personality to meld with the precise and analytical side of her “engineering” brain.

Mairin is always looking to try new flavor combinations, and experiment with different ingredients. Just like her engineering work, she strives for perfection in her chocolates. If she is not happy with the final product, it does not get sold. Chocolate is an amazing medium and the possibilities are truly endless!

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